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Rios & Cruz, PS, is a well-respected immigration law firm with office in Seattle, Washington.  Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys and staff enjoy an outstanding reputation, locally and nationally, for zealous, creative, and highly-successful immigration advocacy for both detained and non-detained immigrants at a reasonable cost. Thanks to the distinguished and experienced attorneys at Rios & Cruz, PS, we possess an unmatched, collective pool of legal creativity, knowledge, experience, and passion that translates to superior legal representation.  Our attorneys are established leaders in the immigration field:  many immigration attorneys turn to us for help, advice, and mentorship. Our passion for justice, defending those who are vulnerable, and keeping families together means not only that we provide excellent representation at affordable prices for every immigration case we accept, but also that we take on the most challenging cases and often prevail against all odds. As a result, Rios & Cruz, PS, enjoys the reputation of a firm of “last resort:” After other attorneys have failed to produce favorable results, we are regularly called upon by clients, courts, and colleagues to find a favorable solution for complex cases.

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Exclusive practice of immigration law.

Our exclusive practice of immigration law means that we focus on the complexities of this constantly-changing area of the law. Our diverse caseload includes: defending immigrants with criminal convictions from removal; advising defense attorneys on immigration consequences of criminal pleas; bonding out people in immigration detention; helping victims of domestic violence and other crimes gain immigration status; obtaining asylum and other forms of protection for people who have suffered harm or who will suffer harm in their home countries; applying for legal… Read More

Experienced, Honest, and Dedicated Attorneys and Staff

The attorneys at Rios & Cruz, PS, enjoy the respect of clients, the local community, courts, and government officers alike, for their integrity, passion, and exceptional advocacy. The partners at Rios & Cruz, PS, are fluent in Spanish, have over 25 years of combined immigration law practice, and are frequent speakers at local and national conferences and trainings on immigration law. Our staff is fluent in Spanish, and we also provide services in German, Russian, and French.  From our receptionists to our legal assistants, the hard-working and … Read More

Caring and Compassionate Advocates

Rios & Cruz, PS, attorneys and professional staff are familiar figures within the immigrant community, as regular volunteers and participants in various community events. In addition, our attorneys and staff are recognized in the legal community for their pro bono contributions throughout the state, conducting or participating regularly in free legal clinics, trainings for pro bono attorneys, and serving on various boards of community non-profit organizations.  We believe in making our community a better place for all of us to live. Meet the Team


On September 5, 2017, the Trump Administration announced that it is terminating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In brief summary, the Administration has stated:

  • INITIAL DACA applications ACCEPTED by September 5, 2017 will be processed, BUT no INITIAL applications received after September 5, 2017 will be accepted.
  • DACA renewal applications accepted by September 5, 2017 will be processed.
  • DACA renewal applications for applicants whose current approved DACA benefits will expire between September 5, 2017 and March 5, 2018, WILL be accepted UNTIL October 5, 2017.

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