Exclusive Focus on Immigration Law

Our exclusive practice of immigration law means that we focus on the complexities of this constantly-changing area of the law. Our diverse caseload includes: defending immigrants with criminal convictions from removal; advising defense attorneys on immigration consequences of criminal pleas; bonding out people in immigration detention; helping victims of domestic violence and other crimes gain immigration status; obtaining asylum and other forms of protection for people who have suffered harm or who will suffer harm in their home countries; applying for legal permanent residence through family or employment-based petitions; defending clients against allegations of immigration fraud; naturalization applications, including for persons with a criminal history; arguing emerging legal issues before the Board of Immigration Appeals and federal Circuit Courts; and serving as expert witnesses on immigration issues in Federal, State and local courts.

We know that the immigration law is complicated and ever-changing, but our outstanding attorneys are committed to producing the best results possible for our clients. Our exclusive focus on immigration law, along with our unparalleled, collective knowledge and experience, allows the attorneys at Rios & Cruz, PS, to develop and share a remarkable fellowship and commitment to constantly evolving our practice. This gives us an advanced understanding of even the most daunting, new developments in the law, which we use to implement creative and cutting-edge tactics for the benefit of our clients. There is no such thing as a “guaranteed winner” in immigration law, so a zealous, experienced, and innovative immigration lawyer can be the difference between life and death, and/or your family staying together or being ripped apart.


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